squandering america's future



Diane Ravitch called Susan Ochshorn “a tireless advocate for children,” and her writing “brilliant.”  Squandering America’s Future—Why ECE Policy Matters for Equality, Our Economy, and Our Children (Teachers College Press) offers a scathing critique of the nation’s neglect of children and those who care for and educate them, featuring change makers who are today’s leaders in the fight for social justice and equality. Written in a lively, personal style, the book drives home the importance of the earliest years for developing tomorrow’s citizens.

Praise for Squandering America’s Future . . .

Ochshorn’s writing will outrage the reader. U.S. policymakers need to start taking children’s needs seriously. Recommended for parents, politicians, and anyone who has worked in education.

Starred Review, Library Journal

Susan Ochshorn’s book is a must-read, skillfully weaving science, theory, and passion. Her voice—on the dynamic and ecological nature of development—comes through loud and clear, setting the direction for policy and practice.

Elizabeth Isakson, Co-Director, Docs for Tots

Beyond the talking/selling points of investing in early childhood education, Ochshorn’s Squandering America’s Future strives to ask critical questions about our current world while marveling at the potential of all children.

Jose Luis Vilson, NYC Math Educator, Author, This is Not A Test

Thank you for being the voice of the voiceless and for continuing to fight for many of us who choose to do quality work with children and families but who are too tired to speak out.

Bonnie Mallonga, COO, 1199SEIU Future of America Learning Center

Susan Ochshorn has written an ambitious book, unlike any other in early childhood policy. With a broad canvas, strong moral compass, and pragmatism, she connects the dots between the diverse influences on the lives of children, her passion for their well-being shining through. It’s a must-read for all who care about kids.

Nancy Carlsson-Paige, Founder, Defending the Early Years

In this eye-opening book, Susan Ochshorn reveals the enormous gap between the policies we need to support our youngest children and the aggressive neglect so many currently experience. An urgent call to action that could change the course of the nation’s future.

Linda Darling-Hammond, Stanford University, Author, The Flat World and Education

I was riveted by Squandering America’s Future. Susan Ochshorn offers a sweeping, and hopeful, vision of human capital creation, one that respects children, and values the work of those who nurture their formidable capabilities. Indispensable for policy makers, educators, and all who care about our future.

Riane Eisler, Author, The Chalice and the Blade and The Real Wealth of Nations

This remarkable book manages to pinpoint the critical issues in the care and education of young children with up-to-date research, and all of this in a pleasurable and lively style. This needs to be read widely, and right away.

Deborah Meier, Senior Scholar, NYU Steinhardt School; Author, The Power of their Ideas

Susan Ochshorn paints a picture of children and families in America exposed to risks and circumstances that threaten their lives, happiness, and future. Fortunately, she doesn’t leave us in despair, but shows us how a few dedicated people, schools, agencies, and institutions have made a difference in children’s lives.

Samuel J. Meisels, Founding Executive Director, Buffett Early Childhood Institute

In Squandering America’s Future, Susan Ochshorn introduces her readers to a vast community of innovative and indefatigable individuals, all converging around an urgent cry for more effective and more egalitarian investments in our young children. This unconventional book is sharp-eyed, warm, lively, and a delightful read.

Janet Gornick, Director, Luxembourg Income Study Center, CUNY; Co-author, Families that Work

Susan Ochshorn has created a kaleidoscope of stories and statistics to illustrate the profound injustices we are visiting on our children and the corresponding injuries we are inflicting on ourselves. We can only hope that Squandering America’s Future will help to turn the tide.

Anne-Marie Slaughter, President and CEO, New America